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Star S4 IR Excimer Laser

The Star S4 IR from VISX is able to provide the most accurate, customized ablations. Star S4 IR works by using ultraviolet light to remove corneal tissue from the eye. This device works quickly and accurately to maximize patient safety. Star S4 IR Excimer utilizes automated, non-contact, Iris Registration as well as Variable Spot Scanning, Variable Repetition Rate, ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking and ActiveTrak Automatic Center in order to complete precise treatment of your eye. Iris Registration is the first FDA-approved method of alignment to achieve the correct CustomVue treatment. Variable Spot Scanning and Variable Repetition Rate allow for the optimization of treatment time and conservation of tissue. The ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking feature captures eye movements in three dimensions. Finally, the ActiveTrak Automatic Centering function of the Star S4 IR finds the center of the pupil and automatically sets the treatment to that area.


IntraLase FS Laser

Often times LASIK complications are associated with the unpredictability attributed to the use of a microkeratome, a hand-held mechanical device used previously to produce the corneal flap. However, the adaption of IntraLase Technology allows us to ensure accuracy when creating the corneal flap. IntraLase is a computer-controlled laser used to create the corneal flap for LASIK procedures. Because a computer controls the device, it is safer for use on your eyes then the traditional microkeratome apparatus. IntraLase works by focusing a laser beam into the outer layers of central cornea where the corneal flap is painlessly produced. The Laser Center is proud to be able to utilize IntraLase for all of its LASIK procedures. This device provides our doctors with an unprecedented level of control and allows for customization of the corneal flap for each patient, even patients with thin corneas who were difficult to treat effectively prior to the development of IntraLase. IntraLase delivers excellent visual acuity, biomechanical superiority and provides for the unmatched safety of our patients during the LASIK procedure.


WaveScan Wavefront Systems

WaveScan technology can identify and measure irregularities in your eye 25 times more accurately then previously devised methods. WaveScan produces colorful 3-D Acuity Maps to assist doctors in determining the right treatment for your eye. WaveScan works by capturing the wavefront, maps and aberrations. It then records picture quality for Iris Registration at which point it produces the 3-D imaging of acuity, higher-order aberrations and point spread function. Finally, the design screen will display a rendering of the calculated ablation depth and the eye image. Having WaveScan technology available to our doctors at The Laser Center simplifies the process of personalizing the Advanced CustomVue treatment for each patient according to that patient’s unique eye characteristics.

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