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How often should I get an eye exam?

A person should typically get an eye exam once every year. A doctor may recommend an other exam schedule based off of eye health or conditions.

How long does my glasses prescription stay active?

Glasses prescriptions are good for TWO years.

How long does my contact lens prescription stay active?

Contact lens prescriptions are good for ONE year.

What insurances do you accept.


How much does an eye exam cost without insurance?

Comprehensive Eye Exams can start at $180.00 and may go up in price based on testing and other factors.

Do you accept medical assistance/CHIP?

We accept the following CHIP plans:

  • UPMC for Kids (Medical Only)
  • Capital Care for Kids (Medical Only)
  • Geisinger Kids (Medical and Vision)
  • Highmark Chip (Medical and Vision)

Our medical assistance (MA) plans are office specific, please call to verify before scheduling.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your insurance company to confirm or give us a call at 814-234-2015.

How old do you have to be to get an eye exam?

We see patients under 1 year of age depending on their vision. The earliest is around 6 months.

What is considered an EYE EMERGENCY?

Eye emergencies are situations that REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION and SHOULD BE addressed within a FEW HOURS to a DAY from onset. Some examples are…

  • Sudden onset of “Flashes” and/or “Floaters”
  • Eye swelling with discharge
  • Presence of a foreign body (metal, wood, etc.)
  • Eye Pain
  • Sudden Light Sensitivity
  • Scratch or abrasion to the eye

What is NOT considered an EYE EMERGENCY?

Non-emergency situations may be significant but do not require immediate attention. The most common feature is that they do not have rapid onset. Some examples are…

  • Your glasses prescription doesn’t seem as sharp as it once was.
  • You get periodic headaches from the computer screen.
  • You wake up with dry eyes but they seem to get back to normal after a few minutes.
  • Your contact lenses are about to run out in a few weeks. (Often this can be accomodated in a timely fashion)