Dr. Dustin E. Brown

Dr. Dustin Brown

B.S. Pennsylvania State University

M.S. Pennsylvania State University

O.D. Salus University

Specializes in contact lenses and ocular disease including macular degeneration, diabetes, and dry eye. 

Dr. Brown is a central Pennsylvania native growing up on a small farm in Warriors Mark and attending Tyrone High school. During his undergraduate years Dr. Brown combined his passion for biology and agriculture by pursuing a degree in animal sciences and then receiving his masters degree in animal genetics before heading off to optometry school. 

Dr. Brown and his wife Christie have moved back to Warriors Mark to be continue to be part of the family farm where they have sheep and beef cattle. In his free time he enjoys biking, hiking and reading.

Awards and achievements:

Dr. Brown graduated Salus University with Honors. He was also cited with clinical honors during his ocular disease, hospital, contact lens, and primary care rotations. 

Committees and associations:

The American Optometric Association, Pennsylvania Optometric association, Mid-counties Optometric society.


Windmere and Tyrone


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